Retail pricing is listed on the site. Please contact us for gym pricing. Visit the Contact page to select your rep!


- Our holds are professionally made by a urethane manufacturer in Colorado USA, and orders ship directly from their factory
- Shipping amount is an estimate and is subject to change
- Turn around time on orders depends on order size and current stock, but generally within two weeks (shipping time not included)
- For Canadian orders, shipping amount includes customs fees for orders shipped via UPS
- Chalk ships from Canada

the teknik colors - Unless otherwise specified, holds will be sent as mix of colors (one color per set) including any or all or our 6 standard colors: yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple
- 10% upcharge to specify certain sets in certain colors (including those within our palette), or to request a color outside our standard 6 colors.
- Other colors available at the 10% upcharge are pink, black, white, grey, brown, tan, and dayglo/blacklight aka DiscoTek yellow, green, blue and pink.
- 10% upcharge for addition of UV stabilizer: recommended for holds being used outdoors to reduce color fade or change

- Standard bolts are included with retail orders
- Stainless steel bolts may be purchased
- Bolts not included with gym orders but may be purchased (regular or stainless)

Payment Options:
- Check (Canada and US), Visa, Mastercard, Wire, and Interac e-Transfer (Canada)

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